“Let’s save this food”: Marché la 5eme Saison’s plea for help

By Emilie Hackett, Special to The Record

Lennoxville’s popular but small grocery, Marché la 5eme Saison, has created quite a buzz on social media over the weekend. Owner Sarah Ahmadaly took to Facebook to ask the general population for suggestions on how to help reduce food waste at the store. “I was hesitant to share this, but I need help,” she wrote on the store’s page. “Being a small store in the summer months in Lennoxville means very slow business, which is fine, but the consequences of this is a crazy amount of good food. I’m reaching out to the community here on social media, hoping that we can find a way together to save all this food.” The Record met with Ahmadaly on Monday to better understand the ­matter at hand. “I was working this weekend and I felt disheartened to be throwing out so much fresh produce,” she said, explaining that with the students gone, the store’s clientele is significantly reduced. Marché la 5eme Saison already has initiatives in place to help reduce food waste, but they are still finding themselves overwhelmed with the amount they have to dispose of. “I have been working with the Bishop’s University community fridge to send them produce that is still good, but then again there are no students on campus,” mentioned Ahmadaly. “I also work with the Hope Community food bank, but they are only opened once a month so that doesn’t work for our fresh fruits and veggies.” See full story in the Tuesday, July 30 edition of The Record.

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