Let’s talk about elder abuse

By Matthew Mccully
Let’s talk about elder abuse
Community Aid staff members Leigh Hortop, Patricia O’Malley, Anne-Marie Bailey, Sylvie Gilbert Fowlis and Victoria Smodis McCune have purple pins available to help spread awareness about elder abuse. (Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully – Community Aid in Lennoxville has purple ribbons available for anyone wishing to help raise awareness about elder abuse. World Elder Abuse Day is coming this Saturday, June 15. “People don’t always know what to do,” explained Leigh Hortop, Responsible for Services at Community Aid. “It’s touchy, it’s private, you don’t want to overstep,” she said, “you have to keep an eye on those around you.” According to Hortop, Community Aid’s way to address the issue is by bringing seniors together through various groups and activities, breaking isolation and creating a safe space. “We can act as a resource for people,” Hortop said. Additional efforts are made in and around June 15 to broach the topic. There are various types of abuse, Hortop explained; physical, financial, sexual, or emotional are a few examples. “The big thing is often it’s a person of trust,” Hortop said. See full story in the Thursday, June 13 edition of The Record.

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