Letters from the front

By Samantha Young
Letters from the front

By Matthew McCully

Recollections of the First World War are, for the most part, restricted to history books and military archives.
Piecing together a realistic picture of what soldiers went through at that time is a challenge after over 100 years has passed.
There are, however, first-hand accounts that still exist, in the letters written by soldiers while away at war.
The following excerpts are from a collection of letters belonging to Lennoxville resident Margaret Owens.
Margaret’s father, Owen, who served in France during the First World War, wrote the letters. He was corresponding with his mother Nina (Margaret’s grandmother).
Owen was wounded twice, but survived the war and returned to Montreal after being discharged on Feb. 11, 1919.
He married and had four children; three sons, and a daughter (Margaret Owens).


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