Lifeguarding at Sutton Pool: a summer to remember

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Lifeguarding at Sutton Pool: a summer to remember
(Photo : Stacey Vilandré)

By Stacey Vilandré – The pool has always been an important part of the Town of Sutton. Ever since I can remember, there have been swimming lessons and free swims, for not only for the immediate community, but the surrounding ones as well. In Knowlton, there is the Douglas beach for all to gather in the heat; in Sutton, it is the pool.
In summer 2017, the pool that all had grown to love, had an overhaul, becoming a new place to gather. This new facility is now bigger and some say better. The facilities include a lifeguards’/instructors’ office. While it was once a very small separate cabin, it has now been integrated into the building area. The space has also tripled in size. As a lifeguard and instructor for the Sutton pool, I remember all too well hiding out in our small designated space, which held a desk, chair and a small locker with tiny cubbies for all the staff. See full story in the Tuesday, July 24 edition of the Brome County News.

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