Lifting houses: an out of the ordinary profession

By Gordon Lambie

Anyone driving through Lennoxville recently may have noticed a change at 212 Queen Street. Under the oversight of the Guertin house moving company, the distinctive local home has been lifted into the air to have its original stone foundation demolished and replaced. “It opens up new possibilities,” said Mario Guertin, explaining that although the lift is not something that people might be used to seeing on a daily basis, his business is not suffering for lack of work in the area. Guertin represents the third generation in his family to work in the business of raising houses, and his son is already working alongside him to keep the business going into the future. Asked about what prompts someone to lift their house, he said that the family business largely works on older buildings like the one in Lennoxville whose original stone foundations are crumbling. As the foundations, which as sometimes little more than stacked stone, cave in, so too can houses that would otherwise continue to be safe, comfortable living spaces for years to come. See full story in the Friday, Aug. 30 edition of The Record.

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