Lighting up the world with her favourite hobby

By Gordon Lambie
Lighting up the world with her favourite hobby
Samantha Buzzell with her son and fiancé Nick Gauthier alongside some of her most recent creations. (Photo : Courtesy)

Working out of her garage near the Capelton Road between her day job and her young son’s naps, Samantha Buzzell is using her skills as a metalworker to transform old milk cans and propane tanks into works of art. Although she said that she has been at it for a few years now, the amount of interest in her work really picked up this year in the lead-up to the holidays.
“The milk cans I just started in the last year or two,” she said, explaining that she makes use of a plasma cutter the family bought to work on restoring a 1970 Chevy Nova. Although the tool was initially just for body work on the car, a little research quickly pointed out to her that people, and particularly women in the United States, were using the cutters to help repurpose scrap metal into decorative items.
“I noticed that in the States a big popular thing was propane tanks, and no one was really doing it around here,” she reflected “I started, and right away it was a hit. I can’t count how many I’ve done.”

The jump to milk cans came out of a gift idea for her parents.

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