Local artist Gerald Potterton: A man of many talents

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Local artist Gerald Potterton: A man of many talents
Gerald Potterton (Photo : Taylor McClure)

Taylor McClure , Special to The Brome County News – The Brome County News recently had the pleasure to sit down with Gerald Potterton, Brome Lake’s very own artist, to discuss his accomplished career. As a writer, producer, director, animation artist, and actor, Gerald has done it all throughout his many years as an artist. We caught up with him to discuss how his career developed and the various projects that he has done over the years. “I went to art school when I was around 16/17 years old at the Hammersmith Art School in London, England. The first thing you find out is that most people your age are better than you. But when you’re with a good group of people you develop together. You want to be just as good as them.” After Gerald went to art school, he got his first job working in the Soho district of London creating hand painted scarves for women. After being drafted into the air force to serve two compulsory years, he continued working with the scarves. “After the air force, I found another job painting scarves and bow ties for men in the Soho district.” See full story in the July 9 edition of the Brome County News.

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