Local care home residents say establishments are doing the best they can

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Local care home residents say establishments are doing the best they can

There are several care facilities for senior citizens across the Townships. With some public and private care homes struggling to adapt during the pandemic and provide adequate care, The Record spoke with residents of two local care facilities to hear firsthand how they feel.

Barbra Wintle has been a resident of Le Renaissance – Manoir St-Francis since before the original lockdown in 2020. For her, the hardest part about the lockdown has been the limited interaction she has been able to have with others. “We are allowed to go into the other’s apartments but it’s better if we don’t just to be safe and our communal dining area is locked,” Wintle said, adding, “We don’t get to see the other residents and our other friends like we used to.”

Communication has always been an integral activity among its residents. Being a close-knit community where residents know each other well, many have been having a tough time with both the gathering restrictions and social distancing. “I don’t like this business of having to not be friendly with people we meet in the hallway, but that’s all you can do and it’s hard when we can’t have our monthly church service here which I miss very much,” Wintle said, discussing her difficulty dealing with the change.
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