Local disc golfers hoping to grow the sport in Sherbrooke

Local disc golfers hoping to grow the sport in Sherbrooke

By Bird Bouchard


From the moment they first picked up a disc in 2019, local disc golfers François Boucher and Hubert Vachon fell in love with the game of disc golf.

Wanting to continue playing the game, the two began searching for local courses to play at. The only problem was there weren’t any public courses in Sherbrooke, forcing them to drive elsewhere in order to play.

As a result, the disc golfers found themselves playing a lot of rounds at one of the nearest courses in East Angus, Mont. Élan.

Today, the two are known leaders in the disc golf community in and around Sherbrooke. Knowing the frustrations that come with learning the game and having to drive out of the city each time a player wishes to play, the two have since teamed up to create the Sherbrooke Disc Golf Association.

“There are similar organizations in Montreal, Quebec and Centre du Québec to name some, but not in Sherbrooke,” said Boucher, explaining the goal of the association is to grow the sport by having courses near Sherbrooke, organize clinics and tournaments and create leagues. “The more people that play disc golf, the bigger the demand will be for a disc golf course locally.”

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