Local environmental groups demand former Hells Angels land be given back to Sherbrooke

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative
Local environmental groups demand former Hells Angels land be given back to Sherbrooke
Hells Angels' bunker when it was torn down in 2021 (Photo : Matthew McCully)

The land that formerly played host to the infamous Hells Angels’ bunker in Lennoxville has been sold, according to multiple reports, just a couple of months after the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) put the property up for sale at $775,000.

Sherbrooke Mayor Évelyne Beaudin told The Record that at the moment the only information the city has received is that there has been an accepted offer. She was unable to provide any details regarding the agreed upon offer, and she doesn’t know the identity of the new owner.

According to Beaudin, the DPCP had previously offered the land to Sherbrooke for $538,000. However, the city council turned them down during a meeting in April last year. The price tag was deemed too high for the city. Quebec has been in possession of the land since 2009.

But while the land has potentially found new ownership, Beaudin clarified that there is nothing the mystery promoter can do with the property since the city changed the zoning bylaw in November 2021, turning the land, and parts of the surrounding forest, into a nature preserve.

Beaudin also expressed her disappointment in the provincial government and DPCP, as they were unwilling to negotiate the price tag or find a compromise with Sherbrooke that would see the land transferred to the city. Instead, she noted, they tried to maximize their profits.

“What angers us a lot about this is that it’s the population here that suffered the most from the presence of Hells Angels, so for us it would just be normal and logical for the population to be compensated for everything they have lived through,” Beaudin said in a phone interview.

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