Local farmer on new national agricultural youth council

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to the Record
Local farmer on new national agricultural youth council
The government of Canada says it’s committed to including young voices in decision making. (Photo : Courtesy of the office of MP Marie-Claude Bibeau)

On July 24th, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau announced the final selection results for the members of Canada’s new agricultural youth council. The 25 members that will make up the new council out of a total of 800 applicants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including at least one member from each province and the north, and five from throughout Québec.
The Youth Council will act as a consultative resource to Agriculture and Agri-Food, the body responsible for supporting Canadian agriculture. Members will have the chance to offer up solutions as well as identify problems in the agri-food sector, giving direct insight to policymakers from those directly affected by their programs.
“Each of these young leaders will bring a unique experience and perspective to the table.
Together, the members will help shape the future of Canada’s sustainable agricultural industry,” Bibeau said. The council was formed specifically to have a voice from as many different agricultural backgrounds as possible.
One of those select five council members is Compton-based egg farmer Samuel Lanctôt. The young entrepreneur is the operator of Ferme Boc-O Lanctôt, a Compton based egg farm and self-serve shop since 2019. He brings a master’s level education in animal sciences to the table.

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