Local filmmaker holds Montreal premiere

By Gordon Lambie
Local filmmaker holds Montreal premiere

Concordia University’s Cinema Politica program is hosting the local premiere screening of the documentary With this Ring in Montreal tonight at 7pm. The film, directed by Concordia graduates Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian, tells the story of women in India who have become world champion boxers despite social pressure for them to serve more traditional roles. The film took more than a decade to put together, part of which Sarkissian spent living in Sherbrooke and working at Bishop’s College School in Lennoxville.
Now in Los Angeles pursuing graduate studies, Sarkissian told the Record that she and Joshi are both very excited about the homecoming screening in Montreal after a well-received premiere in Mumbai last year, but also feeling good about getting to this point with a project that dates back to 2005.
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