Local food bank reaching out to English-speaking community in Haut-Saint-François

By Reann Fournier, Special to The Record
Local food bank reaching out to English-speaking community in Haut-Saint-François
Moisson Haut-Saint-Francois volunteers preparing and distributing boxes from a safe distance. (Photo : Courtesy of Eve-Lyne Rouleau)

Moisson Haut-Saint-François (Moisson HSF) is a local organization that serves 1,500 people every year and are looking to expand their services into the English-speaking community of the Haut-Saint-François MRC.
Since 2016, employees and volunteers at Moisson HSF have been distributing monthly food baskets to individuals and families who are facing food insecurity, whether it just be short-term or a long-term partnership.
“Every week, we serve one or two municipalities, so each individual would get one box each month,” said Eve-Lyne Rouleau, who works for the organization. “There’s a variety of food, so fresh, frozen, and dry, and sometimes we also have hygiene products to distribute as well.”
Rouleau added that the organization wanted to ensure that English-speakers in the community felt confident in accessing the services they provide. “Although we’re not all bilingual, the volunteers and staff, we still want to be able to serve the English community here,” she said.
Rouleau also mentioned that, for seniors and individuals with different circumstances, they can deliver baskets or have someone partnered up to pick up and drop off the food. “For those 65 and older or who may have disabilities or anything preventing them from being able to pick up their boxes, we still want to ensure they receive them,” she said.
For families or individuals dealing with more than just food insecurity, Moisson HSF can refer them to other organizations that may be able to help in other areas. “We know that, specifically the English-speaking community, they don’t tend to ask for help outside of their circles,” said Rouleau, “but we want to be able to serve them too.”
The organization can be found online at moissonhsf.org, and this is where those in need can find the application form to receive the monthly boxes. “To be eligible, you just need to fill out the form and give us your income and expenses for the month,” said Rouleau. “From there, we assess whether the individual is going through a rough patch and may only need one or two of the baskets, or whether it will be an ongoing thing.”

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