Local groups “pleasantly surprised” by CAQ consultation

By Gordon Lambie

The general consensus among the groups participating in Friday afternoon’s consultation between the provincial government and the local English-speaking community was that it was a good talk, but that the proof is in the pudding. “I think that the process of consultation is important, and they are doing it, but it needs to go a bit farther than consultation,” said Donald Warnholtz, who attended the meeting in his capacity as Executive Director of the DIxville Home Foundation. “It needs to turn into action.” Warnholtz shared that he felt the groups in attendance did a good job of representing issues from different areas, with a particular focus on challenges facing the community through the education, culture, and health and social services sectors. Warnholtz also said he found it noteworthy that many of the representatives present on behalf of one organization could also speak for two or three others. “It shows that the people who are really involved in the English community, because there are so few of us, we have to take on a lot of different roles.” See full story in the Monday, Oct. 28 edition of The Record.

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