Local health authority announces adjustments to summer services

Local health authority announces adjustments to summer services

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS recently held its annual press conference May 16 to announce the adjustments to its service offerings for the upcoming summer season. Officials speaking included Karine Duchaineau, Deputy Director General for Social Programs and Rehabilitation, and Annie Boisvert, Deputy Director General for General and Specialized Physical Health Programs. They were joined by Yann Belzile, Director of Human Resources.

Duchaineau emphasized that the preparation for the summer season begins during the winter months, ensuring that the CIUSSS can handle the unique challenges of the summer. She noted that this year’s summer season is expected to be less demanding compared to the previous year, thanks to continuous learning and improvements.

Key adjustments in service offerings

  1. Home Care Services

– Reduction and Adjustment of Services: As in previous years, there will be a reduction in home care services during the summer. However, every patient will have a reference contact, such as a primary or pivot intervenor, to manage their care needs during this period.

– Intensive Home Rehabilitation: A significant transformation in service delivery now allows for intensive rehabilitation to take place at patients’ homes. This is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from cerebrovascular accidents, providing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and specialized education directly at home. This approach has led to high satisfaction rates among users and optimized hospital bed usage.

  1. Long-term care facilities

Some long-term care facility beds, particularly in the western part of the territory (e.g., Bedford, Marie-Berthe-Couture, and Leclerc centers), will be closed temporarily through attrition, minimizing impact on residents.

  1. Mental health services

All inpatient beds for mental health services will remain open. Services for mental health, dependencies, and homelessness will continue to be accessible, with priority given to those with urgent need.

  1. Sampling centers

– Closure and Redistribution: Three sampling centers (Lac-Brome, La Patrie, and Argyll (Sherbrooke)) will be closed for the summer. Patients can book appointments through Clic Santé, and those unable to use online services can call the designated phone numbers.

– Increased Availability: There will be more sampling slots available this year compared to last summer. Notably, the Granit local service network has increased its capacity by 70 percent, offering more appointment slots and walk-in options.

  1. Local service points

All local service points will remain operational except for one in Magog. These points will continue offering various health services, including COVID-19 and influenza testing, colorectal cancer screening, and rapid COVID-19 tests distribution. New services will be added in the coming months.

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