Local hiking to raise awareness about rare brain condition

By Matthew McCully

On October 26, Tara Henry and a team of supporters will hike the Pinnacle as part of a worldwide virtual fundraising event to raise awareness about Polymicrogyria (PMG) and contribute to a fund to support people affected by it. Henry was diagnosed with the rare brain condition in 2016. “It came out of nowhere,” Henry explained. Born and raised in Huntingville, she lived a completely normal and healthy life. She was an avid hiker, and had a job and an active life. In 2016 that changed. “I had my first seizure in March of 2016. Thankfully, I was at my parents’ place,” Henry said, adding that she had several every day after that until she was stabilized with medication. “I couldn’t work, I couldn’t be alone, I had to give up all my activities,” she said. Her life was essentially on pause. At a first glance, doctors believed Henry was epileptic. “That’s just the way it’s going to be,” she thought. It wasn’t until around six months later, after an MRI, that it was discovered Henry had PMG. See full story in the Thursday, August 1 edition of The Record.

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