Local pays it forward to First Responders

Brome County News

In an effort to recognize the important ­contribution of First Responders in the community, local Aida Sangle Wilms took it upon herself to organize a Hawaiian style thanksgiving celebration for Brome Lake First Responders.
The following is a letter of thanks submitted by Wilms following the event.

Thank God for the beautiful weather and to the more than 100 people who came, as well as to those who could not come, but sent their donations for the Lac Brome First Responders and made my Hawaiian Thanksgiving party a ­success with the total amount raised of $3,060.
Thanks to all who participated in giving their time and support, the M.C. Frank Wilkinson, the musician Norm Lloyd, Tom Kilbridge, Connie & Jimmy. To Sally Carillo Schneider and her friends who did an amazing performance of Hawaiian and Filipino folk dance. To the lovely voice of Dorothy Bula. To the people who brought food and desserts to share. Dyoan, Blesilda, Jolina, Melchora, Susanne, Ritzel, Okyi. Mae, Viena, Leah, Lovella, Monica, Heather, Virginia, Hope, Laurie, Bev, Joan, Cathy, Carolyn, Diane, Joanne Shea and Joanne Fortin.
To the people who loaned their tables, Josee Brand, Joanne Fortin, Bev Crandall, Cathy Fry, Virginia Clifford, Heather Willey, Louis Page.
To people that helped park Chin & Cheung, Michel Mikhail, Conrad Laurente & John John, Joanne & Rick Shea, Danny Thibaudeau and to everyone who brought their lounge chairs and drinks, too.
Let’s not forget the two birthday celebrants Conrad Laurente and Okyi Kang.
Finally the most important of all, to Gerald Marcotte and my niece Elizabeth Marasigan, who help the most.
Thank you all, but most of all for your donations.
Thanks a million

Published in the July 30 edition of the Brome County News.

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