Local pharmacies offer alternative to plastic

By Gordon Lambie

Two pharmacies, located in Lennoxville and Waterville, have become the first in the region to join the “fiole verte” or “green vial” movement, which seeks to greatly reduce the number of plastic pill bottles in circulation by reintroducing glass bottles as an option for regular, recurrent prescriptions. “Instead of taking a little plastic bottle that we need to change every month, we offer this option to the patients,” said Pharmacist Pierre-Olivier Fortier, explaining that he was inspired to try the idea when he saw a post about The movement on the internet. He said that the motivation behind offering the option is 100 per cent environmental and was not terribly difficult to set up, aside from the complications involved in stocking two different kinds of bottle. At this point the glass bottles have been available at the P-O Fortier, R.Fournier et R.Gosselin Pharmacies in both communities for about two weeks now, making the whole experiment quite new, but Fortier said that in that time he has already seen a few people come in and express an interest in making the change. See full story in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 edition of The Record.

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