Local police hold press conference on distracted driving in Bromont

Local police hold press conference on distracted driving in Bromont

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


Surprisingly, only 30 per cent of drivers demonstrate the ability to accurately identify what constitutes a distraction while operating a vehicle and statistics indicate an uptick in driving distractions during fair weather conditions. Last year alone, Quebec witnessed nearly 10,500 collisions resulting in bodily injuries directly linked to distracted driving. These figures were disclosed by the Association of Police Directors (ADPQ) and various police departments across the province during a press conference held in Bromont on Oct. 2.

The ADPQ disclosed data indicating a higher incidence of collisions related to driving distractions under favorable weather conditions. Against this backdrop, the ADPQ introduced a novel video featuring a police officer delivering a poignant testimony about driving distractions.

“After viewing this video, it’s hard to imagine any road user approaching the wheel in the same cavalier manner. The sincerity and emotional depth conveyed by the policewoman strike a resonant chord with viewers. We fervently hope this will serve to sensitize the public to the dangers of driving distractions,” expressed Didier Deramond, General Director of the ADPQ.

This video, an integral part of a campaign to elevate the image of the police profession, was produced in collaboration with officers from the Bromont City Police Service and Granby. The overarching objectives of the campaign to promote the police profession are to shed light on the daily experiences of police officers, reveal the human aspect behind the uniform, instill responsible civic habits (such as adhering to speed limits), and foster a greater sense of pride among police personnel.

This initiative has garnered support from the Ministry of Public Security and the principal police unions in Quebec.

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