Local producers deliver $12,550 worth of meat and other products to Estrie food banks

Record Staff

Beef producers (Les Producteurs de bovins de l’Estrie) have joined forces with the farmers’ union (la Fédération de l’UPA-Estrie) and some affiliated unions to donate 656 kg (1,450 pounds) of meat valued at $6,150 to Moisson Estrie.
This donation represents approximately 2,900 portions.
“I was inspired by the Tablée des Chefs initiative that provided 800,000 meals to Quebec Food Banks. The ­directors of Les Producteurs de bovins de l’Estrie immediately agreed to donate the first $2,500, which then snowballed,” explained André Tessier, a cattle producer in Wotton and president of Les Producteurs de bovins de l’Estrie.
The contribution was added to those of the Fédération de l’UPA-Estrie, des Agricultrices de l’Estrie, the Syndicat de la relève agricole de l’Estrie and the Syndicat local de l’UPA du Val-St-François et de Sherbrooke.
All the meat comes from the Boucherie Face de Bœuf, which also contributed to the joint donation.
Food banks and other organizations providing food to the less fortunate are in great need of help in this time of pandemic that is turning the lives of the entire population upside down. Moisson Estrie knows where the needs are and will be able to distribute the donation among its network of 47 organizations served throughout the Estrie region.
“In these times of crisis, it’s beautiful to see how closely the people of Estrie are pulling together. This generous donation of meat will allow us to feed many families who are experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic,” commented Geneviève Côté, Executive Director of Moisson Estrie.
Other unions affiliated with the UPA-Estrie have chosen to donate local products directly to the food bank in their area. This is the case for the local unions of the UPA du Haut-St-François, des Sources and Coaticook. The Éleveurs de porcs de l’Estrie also directed their meat donations directly to the food banks in the seven MRCs of the Estrie region. In total, $12,550 has been or will be donated in the coming days in food donations from Estrie agricultural producers, in addition to individual donations from producers regularly sent to food banks.
“The Union des producteurs agricoles and its affiliates have always been active in supporting food banks. The exceptional situation requires an extra effort and we are responding,” added François Bourassa, a dairy and maple syrup producer in Valcourt and president of the UPA-Estrie federation.

Published in the Friday, April 24 edition of The Record.

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