Local renters’ ­association gives up on talking to local ­candidates

By Gordon Lambie

The Association des locataires de Sherbrooke, a local group that advocates for better social housing options in the city, says it is done trying to go through local candidates to make progress during election campaigns. Gathered on Thursday facing the campaign office of local NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault with a banner that read “un toit… c’est un droit,” which translates to “a roof is a right”, representatives of the association outlined their position going into this fall’s federal election campaign and the steps they plan to take to make themselves heard. “For thirty years we have used election campaigns as a time to go and make presentations to candidates with each of the parties, and although they promise us things, nothing ever comes of it,” said Normand Couture, the group’s spokesperson. “What we have realized over the years is that the candidates who make promises don’t ­follow through. People are tired of this, they feel like they are being laughed at. What we want is actions, not promises.” See full story in the Friday, Sept. 13 edition of The Record

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