Local truck ­driver warning others ­after close call with flying chunk of ice

By Matthew McCully

Ryan Lowry considers himself a very lucky man after a large chunk of ice from an oncoming truck shattered his windshield last week on Highway 55 near Saint-Wenceslas. He managed to escape the incident with only cuts and bruises but said it could easily have been a lot worse. “I was very fortunate in my bad luck,” Lowry said. Lowry, a truck driver working for Rainer Lowry, the family transport business in Sawyerville, has been on the road for three years. Last week was the first time he had a close call of this type. While in his truck on Highway 55, a dump trailer with a soft tarp shell was coming towards him. Lowry explained that with recent weather fluctuations, snow had likely accumulated on the tarp, and then melted and pooled. When the temperature dropped, the pockets of water froze, he explained. As the trucks passed each other, a large chunk flew off the back of the oncoming truck and directly into Lowry’s driver-side windshield. According to Lowry, the biggest concern in the moment wasn’t the ice, but the weight of the load he was hauling. See full story in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 edition of The Record.

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