Local youth losing locks for Leucan

By Matthew McCully
Local youth losing locks for Leucan
This is a photo of Tamara taken in October. By the time she donates her hair at the end of May, she will likely have over 10 inches to give to the Don Espoir Foundation to make wigs and hair pieces for people being treated for cancer. (Photo : Sylvie Archambault)

In just a few weeks 12-year-old Tamara Richer, a Grade 6 student at Sherbrooke Elementary School, will have a seat at the L2D Barber and Stylist Salon in Rock Forest, and give up around 10 inches of her hair in support of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

“I’m so proud of her,” her mother Sylvie Archambault told The Record in an interview on Monday. “It’s very brave of her to go and do this for this cause.”

The Leucan Association supports clinical research and provides personalized services to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

One of Leucan’s fundraising initiatives is the head shave challenge, where people solicit donations in exchange for giving up their hair, which is then used to create wigs and hair pieces for people undergoing cancer treatment.

On May 29, Tamara will undergo what they call a ‘coup coutte’, donating roughly 10 inches of her hair for the cause.
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