Long live the Queen, but what comes next?

Long live the Queen,  but what comes next?

By Tim Bedford
Well the pomp, circumstances and general folderol over Queen Elizabeth II’s anniversary have more or less come and gone; although there may be a few minor celebrations as the year goes on.
Just the same, as millions of admirers around the world watched the 96-year-old monarch of all the Britons shuffle through a series of brief appearances, to smile and wave at the crowds, thoughts inevitably turned to the question, “What happens next?”
The Queen has always made it very clear that abdication is not an option. The only way she’ll leave Windsor Castle is feet first. It’s a family thing. After the scandalous behaviour of her uncle, Edward VIII, who chose to give up the throne and run off with the seductive divorcée Wallace Warfield Simpson, Liz made a vow that it would never happen to her.
When she does finally shuffle off this mortal, or in her case ‘royal’ coil, the natural progression would be to her eldest male offspring. Enter Charles, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall (he’s also got 16 other titles that I won’t bother listing). Poor Chuck, people often forget that because his mom is Britain’s longest reigning monarch, he holds the record for the longest time waiting in the wings.
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