Luc Fortin enters Sherbrooke’s mayoral race

Luc Fortin enters Sherbrooke’s  mayoral race
Former MNA Luc Fortin announced Tuesday that he will enter the mayoral race in Sherbrooke. (Photo : Archives/Gordon Lambie)

Record Staff

Luc Fortin, former MNA for Sherbrooke, who served as Minister of Sports and Recreation, Culture and Communications and Family (2014-2018) announced Tuesday afternoon that he will run for mayor of Sherbrooke.
Fortin said he made the decision to enter the race so that Sherbrooke can regain its momentum, its strong voice and its influence in municipal affairs in Quebec, and to put power back in the hands of those who are accountable to the population.
He will run his campaign under the theme “Let’s bring Sherbrooke together”
“In the last few days, I have felt a huge wave of confidence and love from people from all walks of life asking me to take the plunge into the race,” Fortin commented. “With the experience I have, the knowledge of Sherbrooke’s files and especially the passion for our City, I am sure I am ready for this new challenge,” he said.

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