Maccarone hopeful about Liberal renewal

Maccarone hopeful about Liberal renewal

By Gordon Lambie
Local Journalism Initiative

Jennifer Maccarone, the Liberal Member of the National Assembly for Westmount–Saint-Louis, says that she is confident her party can bounce back despite their poor performance in the 2018 provincial election.
“We got taught a lesson, and right now we’re in the midst of rebuilding,” Maccarone said during a visit to Sherbrooke last week, prior to the party convention that took place over the weekend.
The MNA said that she sees the provincial Liberals as being in a period of renewal, and she put a large part of her faith in that process on the shoulders of party leader Dominique Anglade.
“It’s the first time in the history of the Liberal Party that we have a woman in power,” she said, adding “and she’s somebody who represents diversity, because she’s Black.”
Maccarone described her party as being both the same familiar political party that has been active in Quebec for more than 100 years, and an emergent group focused on addressing issues of climate change and supporting the needs of minorities.
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