Magog Gorge to get a graffiti treatment

By Gordon Lambie
Magog Gorge to get a graffiti treatment

The city of Sherbrooke’s tag and graffiti committee is celebrating success in its ongoing mission of decreasing vandalism in the city with several new commissioned street artworks throughout the community this coming summer. The central piece among these new projects will be the creation of a four-metre high, permanent artwork covering two-thirds of the circumference of the water tower in the Magog River Gorge downtown.
“The creation of an artwork on this water tower will beautify the walking path and improve the experience of people using it,” said Chantal L’Esperance, chair of the tag and graffiti committee, pointing out that the tower is vandalized on a regular basis. “Through the various projects our committee has organized or supported over the last few years, we have noted that authorized works of graffiti are rarely vandalized as they are respected by other artists in the milieu.”
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