Magog Hospital ­emergency room ­overcrowding reaches 300 per cent

By newsroom
Magog Hospital ­emergency room ­overcrowding reaches 300 per cent

La comité de vigie sur les soins de santé Memphrémagog, a health care watchdog committee, has sounded the alarm over the decline in health services in the region and says it’s time for Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard to take a look at the situation.
According to a press release sent out by the watchdog group, on Wednesday afternoon, the occupancy rate at the health center in Magog is reported to have reached 300 per cent, enough for the committee to publically denounce the situation.
Committee President Jean-Guy Gingras described the situation in the emergency room on Wednesday as a real crisis. At approximately 3:00 pm, three ambulances were waiting to drop patients off, 21 people were on stretchers, and several others were standing because of lack of seating.
Overcrowding in the region’s emergency rooms has been an issue since the beginning of flu season with similar overloads being reported at both the Fleurimont and Hotel-Room hospitals.

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