Magog moving ahead with plans to centralize wastewater treatment

By Gordon Lambie
Magog moving ahead with plans to centralize wastewater treatment
Project manager Michaël Laguë, Magog Mayor Nathalie Pelletier, Omerville Sector councillor Nathalie Laporte, and Orford MNA Gilles Bélanger at Magog’s larger wastewater treatment plant on Monday afternoon (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

The City of Magog approved a $10 million contract Monday night for work to replace obsolete technology in the larger of its two sewage treatment plants. The work, which will be carried out by Allen Construction Inc. represents the first step of a four-stage plan to phase-out the city’s Omerville plant and increase the capacity at the primary station on Hatley Road.
“The Omerville water treatment plant reached capacity in 2006 and would now require significant investments to be brought up to date,” said Magog Mayor Nathalie Pelletier, explaining that the decision to centralize wastewater treatment on one site seemed a more straightforward option than trying to continuously update two aging facilities.
Pelletier explained that just over $7 million of the overall pricetag for step one has been covered by the provincial government, but funding for the steps to follow has yet to be established. The overall cost of the project has been estimated at around $55 million, making it one of the costliest initiatives in Magog’s history.
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