Magog recognizes trailblazing women through Denise Poulin-Marcotte Fund

Magog recognizes trailblazing women through Denise Poulin-Marcotte Fund

Record Staff


The City of Magog has opened nominations for a unique scholarship. Celebrating women in non-conventional roles, the Denise Poulin-Marcotte fund awards a $500 scholarship annually. The fund aims to recognize and support women from Magog involved in non-traditional professions or sports disciplines.

The fund honors the memory and achievements of Ms. Denise Poulin-Marcotte, a trailblazer who became the first woman to sit on Magog’s municipal council. She broke barriers in 1994, serving the community and subsequently holding her position through six consecutive mandates. Poulin-Marcotte’s legacy is further embellished by her multifaceted involvement, including her work on various municipal committees like the Urban Planning Advisory Committee, the Toponymy Committee, and Magog in Bloom. Beyond official duties, she was known for her volunteerism, dedicating time to numerous community activities and charity events.

Over the last five years, the scholarship has been conferred to several exceptional women, including Sylvie Poiré, a shoemaker-saddler; Johanne Cyr, a machinist; Vanessa Morin, a carpenter-joiner; Éthel Provencher, a military musician and recruiting sergeant; and Valéry Gagné, an equine behavior specialist.

Residents interested in nominating a candidate can visit to access the application form. The deadline for nominations approaches, with entries closing on Nov. 24. The city is eagerly awaiting this year’s batch of nominees, each of whom will underscore the dynamic roles women play in Magog’s vibrant community.

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