Maison Merry digging into the past

By Aiden Wilson Special to The Record
Maison Merry digging into the past

On Aug. 13 and 14, Maison Merry will be hosting its Mission archéo, a family activity featuring the opportunity to dig for hidden relics, in celebration of archaeology month.

Esther Beaudoin from the Maison Merry explained, “it’s an event for everyone, not just kids, where guests can find artifacts buried under the sand. We have all sorts of things to find like arrow tips, Indigenous tools and ancient vessels; all replicas of pieces found in our collection. They’ll have games afterwards to find the real artifacts in the museum.”

Outside the museum, organizers have set up sandbox dig sites filled with hidden artifacts and supply visitors with all the standard tools of the trade.

“They’ll need to search for the objects as though they were a real archaeologist. Once they find them, they’ll have to identify them using charts and move on to searching inside for the real artifact.”
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