Making magic together – one bite at a time

By Vanessa Asselin and Siu-Min Jim
Making magic together – one bite at a time
This winter, Townshippers’ Association partnered with the Community Learning Centres in Richmond and Danville to offer cooking workshops for local students and their families. (Photo : PHOTO BY ANNIE SPRATT ON UNSPLASH)


In recent years, what and how we eat has become a predominant topic of conversation in our society. Today’s busy lifestyles and daily routines can sometimes make it a challenge for us to enjoy a simple meal around the family dinner table. But did you know that there are studies that show there are significant benefits to having family meals? According to, these benefits can range anywhere from developing mindful eating habits, such as stopping when we are full, to learning responsibilities and new social skills like cleaning up and table manners (

Although it can be hard to make time for family dinners sometimes, there is still something magical about cooking and eating nutritious foods, right? Not only can the simple fact of creating a delicious meal bring you satisfaction, but it can also give you and your family a tasteful experience! Whether your new recipe ends up being a total failure or becomes a new family tradition, eating and preparing foods – especially together – is an excellent way to create life-long memories. Remember being in the kitchen baking pies with your grandmother? Or enjoying a Sunday afternoon birthday party that was loaded with succulent treats? This is where the magic happens!

In an effort to support and teach new skills and to promote healthy lifestyles, a community initiative was launched in the Val-Saint-François and Des Sources regions this winter. At-home, oven-free nutritious treat workshops were offered to Richmond and Danville students, supported by the Community Learning Centres and Townshippers’ Association. The project was a great example of community support at its finest!
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