Making the Mcbest of a Covid situation

Making the Mcbest of a  Covid situation
Elizabeth Clarke proudly holding up her prom dress outside of McDonald’s, where she plans to take a tour with friends as a creative way to celebrate the end of high school. (Photo : Priscilla Allatt )

By Priscilla Allatt
Special to The Record

With Covid still around, prom plans have been canceled for the second year in a row, but that will not stop Elizabeth Clarke and her friends from celebrating their achievements. Even if it’s just a trip to MacDonald’s dressed to the nines, it will be a prom to remember.
In a typical year, Mont Notre-Dame graduates get all decked out in their outfits and head over to the Hôtel Chéribourg, where they have their grand prom. Yet, this year they cannot do that; instead, they will have an alternative. According to Clarke, the Grande Salle at Mont Notre-Dame will be decorated and there will be a photographer on the premises. “Typically, girls go all out for prom. This year, even though there will not be an actual prom, we’re still planning on carrying on that legacy,” she said.

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