Manoir Stanstead celebrates Hawaiian day

Submitted by Manoir Stanstead
Manoir Stanstead celebrates Hawaiian day
(Photo : Courtesy of Manoir Stanstead)

On July 30, for the first time in over two years since the COVID pandemic began, The Manoir Stanstead was able to have an activity where family could join in the fun.
A D.J. and some live music (Douglas Tinker and Erwin Tinker) played to get the residents up and dancing until well after supper.
The Mayor of Stanstead, Jody Stone, was a real trooper and jumped into the dunk tank for the residents to practice their aim and drop him into the freezing water. His Grandmother Therese Seguin was the first in line!
An authentic Hawaiian buffet was put on by the outstanding kitchen staff Darren Harley and Judy Buzzell.
A contest for the men’s sexiest legs was a great laugh! All contestants had to show off their legs to win the title and the judges were the female residents who enjoyed scoring all the men.
The residents and family members are still buzzing about the day nearly a week later and are eager to find out what the next activity will be.
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