Manoir Stanstead demolition for the safety of residents

By Matthew McCully
Manoir Stanstead demolition for the safety  of residents
(Photo : Ross Murray)

According to nurse and Manoir Stanstead director Susie Adam, the demolition of roughly 50 feet of building between the seniors’ residence and the unused portion of the building, formerly the Pensionnat des Ursulines, was necessary for safety and insurance reasons.
“It’s hard to see the part going down, but for the safety of the residents, we do what we have to do,” Adam told The Record.
With the manoir occupying only the right side of the building, staying connected to the uninhabited sections was a liability, Adam explained. “It was too dangerous.”
The residence was supposed to move forward with the demolition in the spring, but plans were delayed because of the pandemic.
During the summer, a decontamination crew went in and removed asbestos from the building, the residence director added.
Work began last week, and Adam estimates the demolition will be complete by this afternoon.
Adam said the manoir plans to put in a pond and seating area where the section of building was removed.
While the property in the back is lovely, Adam pointed out, “They (the residents) like to see what’s happening in town.”
During the demolition yesterday, the crew came across a granit keystone with a cross and something sealed inside. Adam said it was kept aside and the manoir will find a way to feature it somewhere on the grounds.
As for the now disconnected section of the building, Adam said it has been empty for at least 10 years. There are no immediate plans in the works for that portion of the old school and the gym in back.
“There are no projects in the works at the moment,” she said, explaining it will depend on what the building owners would like to do with the space.
“We’re just concentrating on keeping COVID outside of the building right now, that’s a full-time job,” Adam said.

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