Maple League Universities sign agreement ­encouraging inter-institutional student mobility

Record Staff

The Maple League of Universities has announced that the four universities in the consortium – Acadia, Mount Allison, St. Francis Xavier, and Bishop’s – have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that encourages students to take courses, with a focus on online learning and virtual learning communities, from across the four institutions without the often burdensome administrative processes associated with transfer credits from other universities.
In the past two years the Maple League has shared academic programming on a small scale in order to identify challenges and dismantle structural barriers that might impede inter-institutional student exchanges for both in-person and online course offerings.
Under the new MOU, signed on April 20 by the four university presidents, a number of logistical barriers have been resolved for students.
Students can now transfer their grade and course code to their home institution. Students will not need a Letter of Permission (LOP) to take a shared course. Also, they will not need to pay additional fees or costs related to course registration and will not need to pay extra tuition for the fall and winter terms.
While this MOU has been under development for the past 18 months, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the need for the agreement.
“Our collaborations enable us to create unique ways of engaging and interacting with students in remote teaching and learning environments that complement the in-person, immersive, and high-quality learning environments for which we are known,” commented Dr. Jessica Riddell, Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities.

Published in the Wednesday, April 29 edition of The Record.

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