Marché 5eme Saison: a small store with a big heart

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Marché 5eme Saison: a small  store with a big heart
Sarah Ahmadaly, the owner of Marché 5eme Saison in Lennoxville, poses with Angela Hatch, the fruits and veggies clerk, Brianna Turcotte, a part-time cashier, and Patti Willms, the cook for the ready-to-eat section. (Photo : Emilie Hackett)

By Emilie Hackett, Special to the Record – When Sarah Ahmadaly began her masters in cooperative management at the University of Sherbrooke, she never thought she would be the owner of a small grocery store in Lennoxville at the age of 29. So far, all expectations at Marché 5eme Saison have been exceeded. “I’m really happy with how things are turning out,” she said in an interview with the Record at the 96 Queen Street store. What started off as a part time job at the Marché 5eme Saison branch in Sherbrooke during her studies in university quickly became a serious and fulfilling job for Ahmadaly. “The first store opened in Sherbrooke around 2007, and it was a very small store at first, with only fruit and vegetables,” she explained. “When I started working there, four years into its opening, the owner Sami Dimasssi began expanding by adding grocery items, meats and fish.” See full story in the Tuesday, April 2 edition of The Record.

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