Marina “hot topic” at North Hatley’s monthly meeting

Marina “hot topic” at North Hatley’s monthly meeting
North Hatley’s Town Council conducts its monthly meeting, using a generator, during a power outage

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The future of North Hatley’s marina was a hot topic at the town’s monthly council meeting held Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. Mayor Marcella Davis Gerrish presided over the notably short meeting (around 35 minutes), with a total of three residents in attendance. The low hum of a generator powering the meeting at the town’s community centre could be heard throughout, as the area was suffering from a power outage. Local events, budgeting, and financial aid were also discussed.

On the topic of North Hatley’s marina, it was stated that the council was aware of the many options they had to choose from regarding the marina’s model of operation for the 2024 season. It noted its commitment to an independent and transparent assessment of these options. Thus, it confirmed its decision to hire advisory firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) to aid in this task.

During question period, a local resident inquired as to why RCGT was hired to advise on the marina’s future when they are “more financial experts than anything else”. Gerrish acknowledged that the marina is a “hot topic” for those in the municipality. The council reached out to different people to look at the “global situation” to see what can and should be offered at the marina. The intention is to then present this information to residents. RCGT has a division with an employee who has previously analyzed three or four marinas to determine “what makes sense going forward”.

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