Marketing isn’t easy for a cemetery

By Gordon Lambie
Marketing isn’t easy for a cemetery

When your business depends on people dying, drawing too much attention to yourself can be uncomfortable.

“You really can’t promote sales,” said Kevin Frost President of Lennoxville’s Malvern Cemetery, “and it is hard to reach out to people for money, because it seems like everyone is asking.”

Just because it is hard, though, that doesn’t make it any less necessary for the cemetery’s survival. As Malvern gets ready to launch its annual capital campaign, Frost said that the administration of the cemetery has decided to start offering new products and services as a way of trying to increase their cash flow.

Working from an online storefront based off of the cemetery’s website, Malvern is now selling living floral arrangements, headstone cleaning services, and Christmas wreath arrangements for burial plots.

Read the full story in Monday’s Record.

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