Masons food drive for Moisson Estrie

Submitted by Greg Sayer, Friendship Lodge #66, North Hatley
Masons food drive for Moisson Estrie
Left to right: George Contaxakis from the Grand Lodge of Quebec and Genevieve Cote, Director General of Moisson Estrie with Joey McClure and Jean Martin from Victoria Lodge #16. (Photo : Greg Sayer)

In January and February Masons in North Hatley and Cookshire-Eaton coordinated a food drive that resulted in a donation of foodstuffs valued at $1,200 and a cheque for the sum of $2,000 to Moisson Estrie.
Organized as a part of The Grand Lodge of Quebec’s food drive, which took place in multiple districts within Quebec, the local collection relied on the support of friends, neighbours, and work colleagues in addition to the Masons themselves. People were asked to contribute either through e-transfers, cheque or by leaving non-perishable food items at one of two drop-off points in the two communities. All proceeds and food stuff collected within the Estrie area (St Francois District of Grand Lodge) stayed in this area.
A total of $26,000 (Cash and foodstuffs) was raised in the Grand Lodge campaign all across the province, which organizers estimate to be the equivalent of more than 300,000 plates of food for those in need.
Thank you to all who help support our cause.

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