Massawippi power swim team dives in for charity

Massawippi power swim team dives in for charity
(Photo : Guy D’Avignon)

Record Staff

A small group of swimmers and supporters set off from the shores of Camp Massawippi at 8 a.m. on Sunday, headed for Quebec Lodge.
The purpose of the 6.5 km swim, organized by Greg Bishop, was to raise awareness and support for five charities: Ayer’s Cliff Fair, Camp Massawippi, Quebec Lodge Summer Camp, the Terry Fox Foundation, and Honouring Indigenous Peoples.
After five hours and 50 minutes, the Massawippi power swim team, which included Steven Piercy, Nancy Wright, Marie-Claude Lagace, Karen Jones, Greg Bishop, Joanne Beekers, arrived safely at Quebec Lodge.
“This was a team effort by folks who deeply respect and appreciate all that the volunteers of our beloved five charities do,” the group said in a press release after the swim.
“All that we did was go for a brief dip in the beautiful Lake Massawippi. We are looking forward to doing so annually!” they added, thanking all involved.
The brief dip made quite the splash for local charities. According to the team, a donation of $10,000 was made to Ayer’s Cliff Fair’s fence project, $2,000 was given to Camp Massawippi and $10,000 was donated to Quebec Lodge by generous local families.
“Other donations still coming in to the different five charities we swam for will all enhance the many important initiatives designed to support our fellow human beings, sustainable agriculture and care for our beloved animal companions.”

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