Massive fire engulfs Farnham mill

Massive fire engulfs Farnham mill
(Photo : Linda Poulin)

By Michael Boriero

A devastating fire erupted in Farnham early Friday morning at the Meunerie Robitaille, a mill which specializes in the production of feed for the poultry and pork sectors. Residents living close by had to evacuate their homes.
The fire raged on into the afternoon, according to Farnham Fire Department Chief Patrick Morin. There were more than 70 firefighters at the scene, as departments from nearby towns pitched in to fight the towering flames that had completely engulfed the mill.
When The Record spoke to Morin at roughly 2 p.m., he had just ordered pizza to re-energize the firefighters that had been there all day. The fire was first reported at 3:08 a.m., Morin said, adding that it was contained at that point, but the building is almost a total loss.

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