Mature maples to be removed near Compton Cemetery

Mature maples to be removed near Compton Cemetery

By William Crooks


Local Journalism Initiative

A row of mature maple trees in front of Compton Cemetery is slated to be cut down due to a soon-to-be-realized project to widen route 147, says Mahlon Grapes, Secretary-Treasurer of the cemetery.

“We realize this land belongs to the government,” Grapes began, referring to where the trees are located. The trees were planted there many years ago, he said. When Grapes and family moved to Compton in 1967, the trees were there.

The government is planning on doing some work on the road, he continued, and they seem to think the only thing they can do is take the trees down. “We’re really not that happy [with that],” he added. There must be other alternatives, he insisted, like burying the hydro lines, moving the road, or changing the style of the road. The hydro poles could be on the other side of the road, he suggested.

The government is responsible, he reiterated. Even if they don’t take the trees, they might damage them. Grapes said he spoke with a man at Hydro-Quebec and was told the road was to be widened and raised. “We want the people of the town to be aware that it is not the cemetery that is cutting these trees out.”

Orange stakes have been put down where the hydro poles will be placed, very near the cemetery’s fence. “There’s nothing we can do about it,” he admitted, it is up to Hydro-Quebec and the government. Grapes has contacted the town about the issue and has yet to hear back.

The Record called the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité Durable (MTMD) on the matter and was told more information would be provided on Sept. 22.


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