Meadow street open, Grandes-Fourches to come

By Gordon Lambie

The city of Sherbrooke announced on Monday that Meadow Street, which has been closed for reconstruction work throughout the Fall, has now been reopened to traffic, despite the fact that a small amount of signage and line-painting work still needs to be finished. “We have been able to put down a first layer of pavement,” said Jean-Pierre Fortier, Sherbrooke’s Division Chief for Water Management and Construction, explaining that the main work on this and the city’s other major work sites this past week was getting to the first layer of paving, as that serves as a functional winterizing measure. Although the work is not technically finished, the area is now stable enough that it can be left through the winter and given its final touches in the spring. See full story in the Tuesday, Nov. 12 edition of The Record.

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