Meet Patches, newest resident at St-Francis manor

Meet Patches, newest resident at St-Francis manor
(Photo : David Rossiter)

By David Rossiter
Special to The Record

Patches, a chihuahua/ French bulldog mix, has found a new home at Le Renaissance Manoir St-Francis in Lennoxville. It’s hard to say who’s more excited about the new arrangement, Patches or the residents!
Director of operations at the manor, Gabriela Rotariu, explained how the pairing came to be. “The whole Covid scenario has been going on for so long with no end in sight and activities have been hard to come by for our residents. I wanted to find something that kept them safe but not completely alone,” she said.
Rotariu decided that she wanted to adopt a dog to join the retirees. However, in the wake of the pandemic, pet purchases and adoptions had gone way up. “It was almost impossible to find a dog for adoption”, said Rotariu. So, when a fellow worker at the manor had a dog up for adoption, it was the perfect opportunity.
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