Meet Townshippers’ Association’s new president

Meet Townshippers’ Association’s new president
Donald Warnholtz, pictured, was recently elected president of the Townshippers’ Association. He replaced Gerald Cutting, who had been the organization’s president for over a decade. (Photo : Nathalie McAuley-Curtis)

By Cassie MacDonell
Local Journalism Initiative

Last Friday, after 12 years of tenure, Gerald Cutting stepped down from his role as president of Townshippers’ Association. In his place, the association welcomed Sherbrooke resident Donald Warnholtz as the new president.
Although moving on from the Townshippers’ Association, Cutting will still support the board and staff through the transition period. “He’s agreed to stay close. His experience is invaluable and he said to reach out anytime,” said Warnholtz. “Being there for 12 years is exceptional.” Cutting and Warnholtz have known each other since the mid-1980s.

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