Meet your neighbour: Judith Munger, librarian extraordinaire!

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Meet your neighbour: Judith Munger, librarian extraordinaire!
Judith Munger, Alexander Galt’s librarian, poses next to the display she set up for Nutrition Month. (Photo : Emilie Hackett)

By Emilie Hackett, Special to the Record – Judith Munger took a librarian position at Alexander Galt in 2006 and knew she would have a lot on her plate. Giving herself five years to revamp the outdated and under-used library and give it a new modern feel, Munger has more than achieved her goal. The Galt library has become a hot spot where any and all students can sit down, chat, work, eat, read, and feel at home. Munger, who studied in literature, previously worked at the Centre d’Arts Orford as a registrar when she heard about the job. “I knew that the library was a place where I could make a meaningful change. What we have now is a model adapted to students of the 21st century. We can no longer have libraries that are completely silent. With this decade’s new technology, the students need areas where they can use it,” she said. See full story in the Friday, March 15 edition of The Record.

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