Melbourne mayor and candidates all win uncontested

Melbourne mayor and candidates all win uncontested
(Photo : Geoff Agombar)

By Geoff Agombar
Local Journalism Initiative

Melbourne mayor James (Jim) Johnston has a clear prediction for his next term. “More of the same, literally. We try to keep everything balanced and to be fair to everyone.”
“I know everyone isn’t completely happy all the time, but I’d say 95 per cent must be alright with the job we’re doing because nobody is running against us.”
Melbourne’s mayor and five councillors have been re-elected by acclamation. The sixth councillor, Maureen Murphy, was also acclaimed.
“I’d say I’m most proud of the harmony in the municipality and the way people get along. There are no ‘chicanes’ between English and French. Generally, people respect each other. Council respects people’s demands. A lot of things are beyond our limits, but if people need something special that we can help with, we do it.”
He credits the town’s administration and staff for keeping Melbourne running smoothly. “We have a very good team. They’re the first responders. People call them first before calling council.”
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