Men, diapers and shaving cream?

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

Flipping through our Sherbrooke University archives this week, The Record came across this unidentified photo of male students who appear to be protesting in diapers outside of what is now the Sherbrooke City Hall. From what can be seen in the photograph, we know that the demonstration involved exclusively male students wearing diapers, with some also wearing shaving cream. They appear to be bowing down towards the courthouse.
Many of our readers may recognize the building in the photo as the current Sherbrooke City Hall. Before 1989 the building served as the Sherbrooke courthouse. The demonstration must have take place before 1989 because we can see in the photograph that it is written “Palais de Justice” on the front of the building. We know the gentleman in the trench coat and bellbottoms (despite an uncanny resemblance) is not Ross Murray, because we asked him. He explained that judging by the haircuts in the photo, he would have been around 12 years old at the time. Would any of our readers have any more information regarding this photograph and what is taking place? If you were there or you have the details you can send us your story at Published in the Friday, July 19 edition of The Record.

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