Messy weather makes a splash in the Townships

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Messy weather makes a splash in the Townships
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Consistent rainfall after last weekend’s significant snow made for a messy day on Thursday. In Sherbrooke the runoff, combined with blocked drains and frozen ground, caused significant amounts of water to collect in the streets, resulting in a wet and slushy mess. Although a concerted effort was made to clear up drains on major arteries, there were still lakes on secondary streets well into the evening. As of this writing the rain was forecast to continue into the night, changing to snow as temperatures drop below the freezing mark. People living in low lying areas near bodies of water are encouraged to keep an eye out for flooding.
The drop in temperature also raises the risk of slippery surfaces this morning. Drivers and pedestrians alike are being encouraged to take to the streets with care. Published in the Friday, Jan. 25 edition of The Record.

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